Clemens Tolstrup Cinematographer

Brothers is a short documentary about breakdancing.


Breakdance has a huge impact in so many people’s lives in the entire world, young and old alike. From its roots in the bronx, breakdance lessened gang violence and criminal behavior by giving young people a way of expression and something to spend time on. Since then it has grown to a global community. No matter where you are from, your skin color, your religion, if you are serious about breaking, bboys and bgirls will care about none of the above. The man who introduced me to this environment was my teacher Archi. Archi himself comes from the Phillipines. Moved to Denmark as a kid, to live in the biggest ghetto of Denmark, Vollsmose in Odense. Archi himself has gone through rough times. Through Breaking he gathered kids, including myself (Emil Mølgaard), and changed our lives drastically by making breaking a part of it.


Directed and edited by:
Emil Mølgaard Hansen

Director of Photography:
Clemens Tolstrup

Frederik Albert Berthing

Sound designer:
Rebecca Srimali Arachchige-Jensen

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