Clemens Tolstrup Cinematographer


Frugt is a drama/thriller shortfilm.


Andreas and Emma are on a summerhouse vacation. Being caught between
feelings, Andreas wonders if he should end it all on their final day in
the summerhouse. As he struggles with this however, he learns that his
girlfriend is pregnant and must now reconsider his situation.

Andreas - William Stenspil
Emma -
Stella Kvamyoung

Composed, Writen & Directed by
Karl Toft
Director of photography -
Clemens Tolstrup
Produced by -
Emil Mølgaard
First assistant director -
Soffía Mjöll Thamdrup
Editor -
Karl Dalum
Sound designer -
Nikolaj Lundsholt
Gaffer -
Peter Thaysen 
First Camera Assistant -
Emil Slotsvang
Boom operator -
Erlend Emil Velvin Glosli
Production manager -
Lisa Dankyi-appah Thomsen
Set designer -
Frida Mathilde Ahrensberg

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